Equimag is now available in Scandinavia!

QMA are proud to announce we have become the official distributor of Equimag magnetic therapy systems!

Equimag magnetic therapy have been on the market since 2001 and is frequently in use and recommended by veterinarians and therapeutics.
High quality, newest technology and a focus on ease of use has made Equimag a leading actor in pulsating magnetic therapy.

Equimag systems can be used to treat joint and ligament injuries, infections, inflammations, back pain, blood circulation issues, airway infections, fractures, slow healing wounds and stress related muscle pain.

Equimag is certified as a medical treatment unit for both veterinary and personal treatment. Proudly made in Germany!

More info and prices soon on www.equimag.no
please contact us for any enquiries!

E-mail: info@qma.as eller sales@qma.as