Searching for new products


QMA on the search!
We at QMA want to make accessible healthy, quality products and when we find something worth sharing- we share it!

Customers can be certain that all our products are:

• Of high quality
• Innovative
• Contributing to sustainable business
• Healthy
• Produced/ packed with highest regards to the environment

Why is this important to us?
High quality is a must have for any product in our assortment.
Our products must stay true to our requirements throughout the whole value chain- from production to end consumer.
For us high quality is measured by the total experience of our customers.
We want to deliver products which accommodates their high expectations, not just to the products itself, but to us as well!

We look for innovative products because we want to offer our customers something new and exciting. We want our products to give our customers an added value- something they have earned for their hard work or something that can help them reach their goals!
And of course our products must be naturally healthy, no additives allowed.

We want to give something back.
When we have the pleasure of using nature’s great resources, we feel we should give something back! We do so by choosing products that have the same values as us and are produced to make a difference and have a positive input on people’s lives. Not just use our natural resources, but take care of them. By doing this we contribute to sustainable business.
We want future generations to enjoy nature like we do!

We are always looking for new and exciting products!
If you think of a product that would fit our philosophy, please don´t hesitate to get in touch with us!